CCD wheel aligner RAVTD6000TWSR

6 CCD truck wheel aligner, with lowered sensors | incl. 4-point wheel clamps, open cabinet, 11,6″ LCD Windows tablet, press pedal and steering lock | 1 x 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz

MPN: RAV.TD600.701602
GTIN (EAN): 5063084701602
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Truck wheel aligners equipped with CCD sensors, with data transmission via Bluetooth and powered by fast-charge batteries. The operator is able to have extensive mobility between multiple work stations by controlling all diagnosis procedures from the tablet.

  • Practicality within reach: all alignment activities can be controlled from a 11.6” tablet that the operator can carry with him or place on the lift.
  • Portability without compromise: the new light and compact CCD measuring heads offer maximum convenience.
  • Smart technology: software with updated graphics, intuitive user interface, animations and adjustment aids so work is rapid and effective.
  • The three LEDs positioned on the measuring heads aid the procedure during diagnosis.
  • The fast-charge docks for the battery of the measuring heads are positioned on the sides of the console, making them accessible and easy to use.
  • Infrared transmission between measuring heads, effective even in critical lighting conditions.
  • The trailer-mounted console contains recharging supports for measuring heads and tablet.
  • Lowered measuring heads ideal for lorries and buses.
  • Bluetooth transmission between CCD measuring heads and tablet.
  • Tablet features:
    • Dust- and water-resistant (IP65)
    • Resistant to falls up to 1.2 m
    • 8 GB memory
    • Display 1820 x 1080
    • Complete with adhesive magnets
    • Weighs less than 800 g
    • Wi-Fi 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n + Bluetooth
  • The Movie program makes recording easier as its 3D animated graphics guide the operator during the procedure.
  • Vehicles with multiple axles can be measured simply and quickly. The guided procedure is easy to follow, even for less experienced operators.
  • Program for managing and displaying data in Microsoft Windows environment.
  • International data bank with vehicle technical data sheets and possibility to create a customer database for adjustment recording.
  • The measuring heads complete with keyboard offer simple and intuitive remote control, without the need to access the tablet.


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Tech Data

FeaturesCCD wheel aligner RAVTD6000TWSRCCD wheel aligner RAVTD6000TWSRCCD wheel aligner RAVTD6000TWSR.3CCD wheel aligner RAVTD6000TWSR.3
Measuring systemCCDCCD
Количество датчиков6
ASA livestreamoptionaloptional
Компенсация инерциистандартный
Индивидуальное схождение передней/задней оси+/- 20°
Общее схождение+/- 20°
Угол расхождения колеи+/- 20°
Развал передней/задней оси+/- 10°
Наклон+/- 18°
SAI+/- 18°+/- 18°
Смещение оси+/- 5°
Смещение передней оси+/- 5°
Размер колеса, мин.12″
Размер колеса, макс28″
Max. wheel diameter1220mm1220mm
Колесная база, макс.15000мм
Версия оборудованияПланше́т
Display designdigitaldigital
Блок индикации и управленияСенсорный дисплей
Размер дисплея11,6″
Совместимость с сетьюДa
Тип передачи данныхбеспроводный
Электрическое соединение230 В | 50 – 60 Гц

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