CCD wheel aligner RAVTD5060PWS

6 CCD wheel aligner | incl. 4-point wheel clamps, open cabinet, turntables and 22″ LCD display | Grey (RAL 7040) | 1 x 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz

MPN: RAV.TD506.700797
GTIN (EAN): 5063084700797
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Wheel aligners equipped with CCD sensors, with data transmission via Bluetooth and powered by fast-charge batteries. The trailer-mounted cabinet provides full mobility between work stations as it is cable-free.

  • Open cabinet: greater control and manoeuvrability
  • Compact design: extra-light CCD measuring heads (2.6 kg), 30% less compared to the previous model
  • Smart technology: software with updated graphics, intuitive user interface, animations and adjustment aids so work is rapid and effective
  • Electronic steering procedure via the CCD sensors to get the incidence value and tilt of the upright with extreme precision.
  • The Spoiler Program for low profile sports cars steps in automatically and makes measurement possible without the use of accessories.
  • Based on the height of the frame, the database automatically changes the wheel alignment specifications.
  • With the use of animated 3D graphics, the Movie program helps the user display the sequence of operations to perform to properly adjust the vehicle.
  • Program for managing and displaying data in Microsoft Windows environment.
  • Databank with over 90000 vehicle technical data sheets.
  • Possibility for the user to manually enter new cars.
  • Customer databank for recording 20000 operations with search by name or vehicle plate number.
  • The Run out program is available to push the vehicle 30° (rapid compensation and in little off-centre space) without the need to lift the vehicle.
  • Compatible with:
    • the TEq-Link Connected Workshop system: software platform for connecting shop equipment and for monitoring its use, managing preventive maintenance, sending reports by email and much more.
    • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) sensor calibration systems.
    • Shoot & Go: token for consulting the car database online. (Available in the following countries: Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany (KBA), Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Norway and Finland. (Models may vary in the different countries.))


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Tech Data

FeaturesCCD wheel aligner RAVTD5060PWSCCD wheel aligner RAVTD5060PWSCCD wheel aligner RAVTD5060PWSCCD wheel aligner RAVTD5060PWSCCD wheel aligner RAVTD5080WSCCD wheel aligner RAVTD5080WSCCD wheel aligner RAVTD5080WSCCD wheel aligner RAVTD5080WS
Measuring systemCCDCCDCCDCCD
Sensor count6688
ASA livestreamoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Rollback compensationstandardstandardstandardstandard
Individual toe front/rear axle+/- 20°+/- 20°+/- 20°+/- 20°
Total toe+/- 20°+/- 20°+/- 20°+/- 20°
Toe-out on turns+/- 20°+/- 20°+/- 20°+/- 20°
Camber front/rear axle+/- 10°+/- 10°+/- 10°+/- 10°
Caster+/- 18°+/- 18°+/- 18°+/- 18°
SAI+/- 18°+/- 18°+/- 18°+/- 18°
Set-back front axle+/- 5°+/- 5°+/- 5°+/- 5°
Min. tyre size8″8″8″8″
Max. tyre size24″24″24″24″
Max. wheel base4500mm4500mm4500mm4500mm
Hardware versionPCPCPCPC
Display designdigitaldigitaldigitaldigital
Display size22″22″22″22″
Network compatibleYesYesYesYes
Data transmission typecordlesscordlesscordlesscordless
Power supply230 V | 50 – 60 Hz230 V | 50 – 60 Hz230 V | 50 – 60 Hz230 V | 50 – 60 Hz

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