Automatic tyre changer G1250.30PLUS

Leverless, incl. pneumatic bead pusher and pneumatic wheel lift, passenger car, rim diameter 10 – 30″, max. rim width 15″ | wdk certified

MPN: RAV.G1250.200129
GTIN (EAN): 5063084200129

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Let the Wheels Speed Up

  • Simple operations: only one movement adjusts the diameter and position of all three operating arms
  • Quick operations: Memory system – automatic head repositioning on rim edge
  • Safe operations: effective and safe bead breaking protecting the tyre sidewall and TPMS

Equipped with an innovative (patented) leverless head and advanced automatic functions, it lets you work quickly, precisely and without any effort also on UHP and Run-Flat tyres. The configuration is already complete with all the major accessories, making it particularly suitable for tyre shops and car dealers.

  • Electromechanical actuator that controls the synchronous movement of all three operating arms with a chain synchronisation system.
  • Sensor with automatic disc indent function activation for precise and risk-free tyre bead breaking.
  • Laser pointer that indicates proper head positioning.
  • MEMORY SYSTEM – Memory button with automatic head repositioning on rim edge that allows a new disassembly and assembly process to be rapidly resumed.
  • The motor with inverter lets the operator control the variable wheel speed (0 – 15 rpm).
  • To protect the bead, the speed is automatically adapted based on the detected bead tension.
  • The centre post locking with floating plate (patented), suitable also for reverse rims, offers a self-locking mechanism that reduces the effort of the operator.
  • Double bead breaking discs system. The tyre bead is broken quickly and safely by two opposite synchronised discs.
  • Three adjustable working heights
  • Quick pedal operated inflation, gauge and fast inflating valve
  • Supplied with rotating pneumatic bead pusher arm
  • WDK certified
  • Compartments for stowing accessories, valves and tools
  • Free space in the back for better manoeuvrability and freedom of movement around the machine
  • Complete with pneumatic wheel lift
  • Quick-clamping lock for rims
  • The controls are found in a single console designed for ultimate working comfort
  • Mounting head in scratchproof material for working near the edge of the rims without damaging them (zero stress effect)


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Tech Data

FeaturesAutomatic tyre changer G1250.30PLUSAutomatic tyre changer G1250.30PLUSAutomatic tyre changer G1250.30PLUSITAutomatic tyre changer G1250.30PLUSITTyre changer G1190.30Tyre changer G1190.30
Mounting head designwithout tire leverwithout tire leverwithout tire lever
Mounting arm designmoveablemoveablemoveable
Mounting column designrigidrigidrigid
wdk certificationstandard
wdk certificate ID13-028
TeqLinknot possiblenot possiblenot possible
asanetworknot possiblenot possiblenot possible
Clamping device designcentralcentralcentral
Min. clamping capacity10″10″10″
Max. clamping capacity30″30″30″
Max. rim width15″15″15″
Rim diameter min.10″
Rim diameter max.30″
Tire type passenger carRun-FlatRun-FlatRun-Flat
Max. wheel diameter1194mm1194mm1194mm
Min. working range of the mounting head10″
Automatic bead-breaking movementYesNo
Bead breaker force12kN12kN
Rotation speed0 – 15rpm0 – 15rpm
Power inverter motor1,5kW1,5kW
Chuck motor rating0,75kW
Power supply230 V | 50 – 60 Hz230 V | 50 – 60 Hz
Fuse protection16A slow-blow16A slow-blow
Air flow8bar8bar
Max. air supply10bar10bar

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