2-post lift KPX35EV

3.5 t, electromechanical, asymmetrical, rotated columns at 45°, EV arms, TEq-Link | 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz

MPN: RAV.KPX35.199393
GTIN (EAN): 5063084199393
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The Universal Lift for Future EVolution

  • Up-to-date design: modern outline that brings modernity and usability to the workshop
  • Innovative DNA: long-standing high-quality components and tested for 20000 cycles
  • Future-proof: lifts designed for the TEq-Link workshop connectivity system

Emerging from the bestselling 2-post lifts, the Legend Series consolidates the engineering knowledge of Ravaglioli and shapes it into an innovative package. Looking towards the future while always honouring the past, Ravaglioli has set an important goal for itself – let the performance meet the design.

  • The innovative low-profile arms with rotating terminal offer high flexibility of use, making the lift suitable for lifting all types of vehicles.
  • Wide lifting range – From the classic city cars to sports cars and long wheelbase vans.
  • Smart and flexible installation: Up to 20% improvement in installation time. The electronic synchronization avoids the installation and adjustment of the realignment cable. The lifts can be installed in a flexible way thanks to three width-adjustable positions.
  • Combined with a KT Series lifting table that, due to structural reasons, can be assembled and disassembled only from the bottom of the vehicle.
  • Perfect for electric vehicles: The movement flexibility of the arms provides direct access to the battery pack for its removal operations.
  • Ideal for sports cars with low profile: The rotating terminal makes it possible to easily reach the pick-up points, keeping the arm body safely away from the vehicle chassis; in this way, contacts between vehicle and lifting arms are avoided.
  • The space requirement of the arm is reduced, permitting to work underbody, obstacle-free, even on vehicle parts such as wheels, brakes and suspension.
  • The automatic arm locking system guarantees maximum stability and operator safety.
  • The rotating terminal is easy to adjust based on the type of vehicle.
    • Use in standard mode
    • Use in tilted up to 90° mode
  • The perfect solution for whoever wants to set up a universal working bay.
  • High-strength and long-lasting materials.
  • Compact design that allows space to be optimised.
  • Innovative geometry of the symmetric arms with rotating terminal.
  • The movement of the carriage is ensured by a rolled steel screw and a bronze nut with automatic lubrication.


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Tech Data

Features2-post lift KPX35EV2-post lift KPX35EV2-post lift KPX35EV2-post lift KPX35EV2-post lift KPX35EEV2-post lift KPX35EEV
Number of columns222
Mode of driveelectromechanicalelectromechanicalelectromechanical
Type of installationsurface mountedsurface mountedsurface mounted
Rated load capacity3500kg3500kg3500kg
Max. lifting height2030mm2030mm2030mm
Lifting time42s42s42s
Min. plate height95mm95mm95mm
Max. plate heigh155mm155mm155mm
Clear span between2600 – 2700mm2600 – 2700mm2600 – 2700mm
Clear span between (out)3123 – 3223mm3123 – 3223mm3123 – 3223mm
Drive-through width2372 – 2472mm2372 – 2472mm2372 – 2472mm
Required ceiling height4150mm4150mm4150mm
Surface coatingPowder coatedPowder coatedPowder coated
Arm layoutasymmetricalasymmetricalasymmetrical
Telescopic front arms3-fold3-fold3-fold
Telescopic rear arms4-fold4-fold4-fold
Min. front arm length686mm686mm686mm
Max. front arm length1474mm1474mm1474mm
Min. rear arm length668mm668mm668mm
Max. rear arm length1143mm1143mm1143mm
Driving power2 x 2,6kW2 x 2,6kW2 x 2,6kW
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz230 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz
Width3250 – 3350mm3250 – 3350mm3250 – 3350mm

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