RAV new website

VSG launches a new website for Ravaglioli brand.

Welcome to Ravaglioli

This is the invitation that one of VSG EMEA’s two most prestigious brands gives to visitors to its new institutional website www.ravaglioli.com. A totally renewed graphic design and functional performance demonstrating that research to innovation is an integral part of this brand’s DNA, applied not only to product development but to everything Ravaglioli stands for.

A real change of register from the previous version that allows the user to live an immersive experience in the historic Italian brand.

Functionality – The website was developed using a totally true responsive design that adapts to any browser from PC to mobile devices, ensuring a consistent level of quality in all navigation modes.

From the homepage, the user is guided, via drop-down menus and CTAs, to view the different sections of the website. For those who wish to focus directly on the elements of their interest, there is a free search function that helps to automatically and quickly scan the website map, and view only those pages that are in line with the keywords entered.

The website is localized into Ravaglioli’s six official languages – English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian – which can be conveniently selected from the World icon in the header. Chinese and Japanese versions of the homepage are also available for users in the APAC regions.

Design – The visual theme 100% reflects the new brand identity presented to the market two years ago with the launch of the new product brochures. Among the most interesting features are the modular approach of two-color cubes that make the look and feel of the entire web graphics modern and fresh.

Ample space is given to the use of icons that help, more instantaneously, the understanding of key aspects of product presentation.

From a structural point of view, the sections that deserve special mention are:

Products – The section is divided into product groups accessible from the drop-down menu in the header. The search can be sorted through the use of special filters that allow identification of the desired products according to the user’s needs.
The individual product overview provides key data at the top, both visual through a gallery of images* and informational with an essential categorization of the product.

* A 3D version of the product view with augmented reality functionality is also available, for the moment only on some models, useful mainly for an initial assessment of workshop owners’ spaces.
(Example: RAV3D2.0WALL.3L)

The body of the page, on the other hand, explores the product in detail by providing the following information:

  • Product description.
  • Media gallery with brochures, manuals, drawings, extra images, videos.
  • Related products and accessories.
  • Specifications by product group.
  • Technical data.

Company_History – Ravaglioli has always been proud of its historicity and wanted to consecrate it by adding to the Company section, a section that would tell the user about the historical steps that have made Ravaglioli one of the major market leaders.

RAV INFO – Surely reductive to call it a News section; we can describe it as a real overview of information related to the “life” of the brand. Tales of participation in industry events, product launches and company updates are complemented by a showcase of Ravaglioli’s business partners where the best product installations from around the world are displayed.

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