Electrohydraulic tyre changer G10156.15

Universal, hydraulic operating unit, 2 speeds (max. 8 rpm), truck, clamping capacity 11 – 43″ (56″ with extension set), max. rim width 59″ (max. wheel width 1500 mm)

MPN: RAV.G0156.206251
GTIN (EAN): 5063084206251
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Electrohydraulic tyre changer for trucks, agricultural and earthmoving vehicles with rim diameter between 11″ and 43″ (56″ with extensions). The dimensions and work strokes are such as to ensure maximum efficiency for the entire range of tyres. The chucking table can accommodate rims up to 43″ without extensions.

  • After 5 sec. the machine has not been used, the motor turns off
  • Hydraulic controls on aerial arm – Manual movement, lifting and rotation of tool
  • Ideal also for many 19″ and 22,5″ truck wheels


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Tech Data

FeaturesElectrohydraulic tyre changer G10156.15Electrohydraulic tyre changer G10156.15Electrohydraulic tyre changer G9256.15Electrohydraulic tyre changer G9256.15Tyre changer G9156.11NTyre changer G9156.11NTyre changer G9156.13EITyre changer G9156.13EIElectrohydraulic tyre changer G10360.15Electrohydraulic tyre changer G10360.15Electrohydraulic tyre changer G10760.17Electrohydraulic tyre changer G10760.17
Mounting head designautomaticautomaticwithout tire leverwithout tire leverautomaticautomatic
Mounting arm designswivelingswivelingmoveablemoveableswivelingswiveling
Mounting column designrigidrigidrigidrigidrigidrigid
TeqLinknot possiblenot possiblenot possiblenot possiblenot possiblenot possible
asanetworknot possiblenot possiblenot possiblenot possiblenot possiblenot possible
Clamping device designcentralcentralcentralcentralcentralcentral
Min. clamping capacity11″11″11″11″11″11″
Max. clamping capacity43″43″43″43″43″50″
Max. rim width59″59″43″51″59″69″
Tire type truckall typesall typesall typesall typesall typesall types
Wheel width max.1500mm1500mm1100mm1300mm1500mm1750mm
Max. wheel diameter2550mm2360mm2300mm2300mm2700mm2700mm
Wheel weight max.2300kg1400kg1700kg1700kg1400kg3000kg
Automatic bead-breaking movementYesYesYesYesYesYes
Bead breaker force34kN32kN26kN26kN37kN42kN
Number of mounting speeds223322
Rotation speed4 / 8rpm4 / 8rpm1 / 5 / 10rpm1 / 5 / 10rpm4 / 8rpm4 / 8rpm
Max. torque5300Nm5300Nm4000Nm4000Nm5800Nm6000Nm
Chuck motor rating1,8 / 2,5kW1,85 / 2,5kW1,85 / 2,5kW1,85 / 2,5kW
Driving power1,35 / 1,85kW1,3 / 1,85kW1,1kW1,1kW1,5 / 2,2kW1,5 / 2,2kW
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz
Fuse protection13A slow-blow12,5A slow-blow9,8A slow-blow9,8A slow-blow13,5A slow-blow
Max. air supply180bar160bar180bar

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