4-post lift RAV4501L

5.0 t, electrohydraulic, symmetrical, with level runways, track length 5700 mm, wheel alignment optional, above ground

MPN: RAV.4501L.194251
GTIN (EAN): 5063084194251
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  • The hydraulic cylinder is located inside the fixed platform and is thus perfectly protected
  • High-resistant, galvanised and pre-stretched metal cables
  • Large-diameter pulleys with self-lubricating and maintenance-free bushes
  • Automatic mechanical back-up safety devices (every 100 mm) with pneumatic release allowing stationary operation with unladen cables
  • Immediate-triggering safety stud devices in case a cable slackens or fails
  • Automatic anti-toe trap alarm during final stages of lift descent
  • Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety devices in compliance with the prevailing standard for CE marking
  • Low-voltage (24 V) electrical system with control circuit
  • Version with flat platforms


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Tech Data

Features4-post lift RAV4501L4-post lift RAV4501L4-post lift RAV43504-post lift RAV43504-post lift RAV44014-post lift RAV44014-post lift RAV44014-post lift RAV44014-post lift RAV44014-post lift RAV44014-post lift RAV4405L4-post lift RAV4405L4-post lift RAV4651L4-post lift RAV4651L4-post lift RAV48004-post lift RAV4800
Number of columns44444444
Mode of driveelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulic
Type of installationfloor mountedfloor mountedfloor mountedfloor mountedfloor mountedfloor mountedfloor mountedfloor mounted
Rated load capacity5000kg3500kg4000kg4000kg4000kg4000kg6500kg8000kg
Max. lifting height1915mm1905mm1905mm1905mm1905mm1915mm1915mm1950mm
Clear span between3000mm2450mm2800mm2800mm2800mm3000mm3300mm3300mm
Clear span between (out)3355mm2805mm3155mm3155mm3155mm3355mm3780mm3780mm
Column height2614mm2614mm2614mm2614mm2614mm2614mm2874mm2874mm
Drive-through width2645mm2120mm2470mm2470mm2470mm2670mm2810mm2810mm
Wheel alignmentoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Length of platforms5700mm4300mm4460mm4460mm4460mm5100mm5700mm6000mm
Width of platforms650mm400mm500mm500mm500mm650mm650mm650mm
Space of platforms776 – 940mm850 – 1170mm910 – 1250mm910 – 1250mm910 – 1250mm900mm900mm850 – 1150mm
Drive-on ramp length6707mm6674mm6974mm
Driving power2,6kW2,6kW2,6kW2,6kW2,6kW2,6kW2,6kW2,6kW

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