Ravaglioli’s history


The birth of a passion

Ravaglioli was founded in Bologna by the local entrepreneur Damiano Ravaglioli with the goal of design workshop equipment.

The first product produced was a “rotating bench” for engines and transmissions, followed by hydraulic cranes, presses and transmission jacks. Afterwards, attention shifted to developing a mechanical tyre changer and a system for removing tyres from Trilex rims.

rotating bench

mechanical tyre changer

Trilex system

The first product catalogue


Growth in technology

Throughout the years Ravaglioli continues to develop various products for workshops, proving its role in the automotive sector.

The major innovations of the 1970s


A new headquarters

The headquarters were transferred to the current offices in Pontecchio Marconi (BO) to improve the company’s organisation, from administration and sales to production.

Promotional activities in the 1980s


The horizons are broadening

With the company’s growth, new production systems for exporting products abroad have been developed. Today, the product catalogues are published in five languages.

To strengthen service outside of Italy, Ravaglioli has opened branches and has created dedicated sales teams throughout Europe.


Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom



Consolidated quality

The company has obtained the UNI EN 9001 certificate for its quality system.


A new look given to the headquarters

The headquarters were modernised and enlarged with another building where the management, technical and administrative offices, the showroom, and rooms for meetings and training courses are located.

The key to RAV quality

Over the years, Ravaglioli has created and built three production units that support headquarters in serving the market.

Sirio Plant

Located in Ostellato (FE), it is the site of the production lines of the main components of Ravaglioli products.

The home of great innovations and automated production processes

In 2021, with the establishment of the Sirio Academy, a training center was set up for the areas of manual and robotic welding technology.

Space Plant

Located in Trana (TO), it focusses on expanding the company’s commercial offer with diagnostic tools, including wheel aligners and diagnosis lines.

A futuristic view of RAV technology

Specialised in the production of electronic equipment applied to the automotive sector, the company uses over 30% of its workforce in i-technology research and development.

Butler Plant

Located in Rolo (RE), its objective is to develop the design and production of tyre service equipment.

A new standard for working on tyres

The unit was officially created in 1988 with the mission of producing advanced tyre service equipment that could handle tyres and rims with utmost care and attention.


An international step

The Ravaglioli brand was purchased by Vehicle Service Group (VSG), leader in the motor vehicle equipment sector, and became the VSG EMEA division’s flagship brand.


A totally blue evolution

Ravaglioli has made its look more modern and cleaner by intensifying the shade of its iconic blue colour.


The future of power is R

VSG decided to further emphasise the prestige of this brand by choosing it as one of the two major brands marketed in the EMEA regions, along with its German “sister” company Rotary. It was from this decision that the new Rpower brand strategy was born.

Innovation carries on

Ravaglioli undertakes to improve its production processes and to develop new solutions every day to best serve its customers.

One example of this is the Legend Series,

a brand new lifting concept that is guiding the market toward a future in which the workshop will no longer pay attention to only performance, but also to the more aesthetic aspect of work tools.

Ravaglioli’s history is relived at the Museo del Patrimonio Industriale (Museum of Industrial Heritage) in Bologna


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