2-post lifts – Legend Series

A new concept of 2-post lifts for Ravaglioli.

Legend Series – From History to the Future.

This is the name and claim that Ravaglioli has chosen for its brand new line of 2-post lifts presented at Automechanika 2022 in Frankfurt at its stand Hall 8.0 A44. These words contain the essence of one of Ravaglioli’s most ambitious projects of recent years, where the by now consolidated performance of its products combines with a profile more in line with modern design philosophy.

Ravaglioli is recognised in the automotive industry as one of the most historical companies in the manufacture of equipment for tyre shops. It has made a name for itself for its innovations in the field of 2-post lifts ever since it was established in 1958, reaching the point of distributing over 350,000 pieces worldwide.

Today, Ravaglioli is setting out to amaze the market with its own reinterpretation of that very range of products that has sanctioned its success. While keeping the cornerstones of its engineering know-how firmly in place, it has set the goal of leading customers toward a future in which workshops will no longer pay attention to only performance, but also to the more aesthetic aspect of their work tools.

The entire range of the Legend series will be revealed over the months to come, and it will meet the requirements of any workshop. For its début, Ravaglioli is setting its sights on a totally innovative technology for the habitués of this brand. The first models to be launched are in fact the KPX – 3.2 and 3.5 t electromechanical 2-post lifts with asymmetric configuration, designed to lift vehicles ranging from micro cars to medium-size vans with long wheel base.

An innovative DNA

The Legend series remains faithful to Ravaglioli’s many years of engineering expertise, and assures its customers its famous standard of quality.

The series distinguishes itself for:

  • up to 20% less installation time. Electronic synchronisation prevents installation and adjustment of the realignment cable. Furthermore, the three width-adjustable positions allow the lifts to be flexibly installed;
  • fast and simple operation with an obstacle-free work area and operations performed in safe and comfortable conditions;
  • routine maintenance minimised thanks to the components designed for easy replacement, which reduce the operating cost and the risk of errors on safety-critical components;
  • high quality components that guarantee safety and quality over the years;
  • TEq-Link integrated module for connectivity in the workshop that offers remote monitoring of the work cycles, scheduled maintenance notifications and even more. (Applicable to selected models)

A design in step with the times

The entire lift profile has been fully modernised to give it softer and more elegant lines.
The lift develops on two asymmetric slender and compact posts that are topped by a guard boasting a smoothed and soft physiognomy.
The Ravaglioli logo is even more evident as it extends along one of the two posts on a Ravaglioli total blue background that has been made even deeper to give it a touch of stronger character.

A heroic marketing campaign

Ravaglioli decided to share the journey that led it to the launch of this important project in a totally unconventional style. Created by the hand of the artist Umberto Donati is a strip cartoon that tells the story of Agent Ravaglioli – the brand’s imaginative personalisation.
The story is divided up into four episodes that the customers and followers of Ravaglioli’s social channel were able to enjoy during the summer.
It is a story with nuances at times ironic that however conveys the strength and determination of this historical brand.
The campaign will have a sequel at Automechanika 2022, where Ravaglioli intends to further amaze its customers with big surprises.

For more information on the Legend Series, consult the landing page – legend-series.ravaglioli.it.

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