Fairs – Automechanika 2022

A stand full of novelties for Ravaglioli at Automechanika 2022.

After two years of retirement from the public scene due to the pandemic, Ravaglioli returns to meet its partners and end users at Automechanika, the automotive industry’s leading tradeshow, to be held in Frankfurt from 13 to 17 September.

Over the last years, Ravaglioli has been working behind the scenes to develop new methodologies applicable to the production cycle, marketing, and R&D with the aim of strengthening its commercial offering. This work has led to the maturation of new strategies and a new product portfolio that Ravaglioli is now ready to unveil.

Here are the novelties planned by Ravaglioli.

A new brand strategy – Rpower

Founded in 1958 in Sasso Marconi with the main objective of designing equipment for repair workshops, Ravaglioli then continued uninterruptedly to develop all aspects of lifting, both for cars and commercial vehicles.

In 1997, a new production unit in Ostellato (FE), Officine Meccaniche Sirio (www.sirioequipment.com), was added to the historical headquarters in Bologna, where the production lines for the main components of Ravaglioli’s products were set up. An arena for major innovations and automation of production processes, since last year it has also promoted training in the principles of manual and robotised welding through the Sirio Academy, now in its 5th year.

A further unit, Space S.r.l. (www.spacetest.com), specialised in the production of wheel aligners and test lines and based in Trana (TO), became operational in 1998.

Finally, in 2006, a unit located in Rolo (RE), Butler Engineering and Marketing S.p.A. (www.butler.it), focused on the design and production of state-of-the-art equipment for wheel service, became part of the Group.

The latter two units not only have supported the production of Ravaglioli products but have also carved out a market share with their own product ranges under the Butler and Space brands.

In 2016, the entire Group was acquired by VSG, global leader in the vehicle service industry, becoming the flagship of the VSG EMEA division. This past June, VSG decided to further emphasise the prestige of the single Ravaglioli brand by selecting it, together with its German ‘sister’ Rotary, as one of the two main brands marketed in the EMEA regions.

Hence the new Rpower brand strategy, taken directly from the two most powerful R’s – Ravaglioli and Rotary – which have become the undisputed primary players of VSG EMEA.

With this decision, VSG EMEA is reducing its brand portfolio to focalize more of its investments in terms of new product development, digital solutions, and marketing activities, with the confidence that by doing so it can guarantee end users the best possible solutions on the market.

As far as the Group’s other two commercial brands are concerned, in an initial phase Butler coexists inside the Rotary product range, to then become fully integrated by the end of 2023. For Space, on the other hand, no substantial changes are expected soon, retaining the possibility of marketing its own product range on the market.

At Automechanika Ravaglioli wants to consolidate this decision by presenting a shared Ravaglioli and Rotary stand that will take visitors on an innovation journey with Rpower vibes.

Product Launch – Lifting category

2-post lift – Legend Series

In Europe, Ravaglioli is considered one of the most historic manufacturers of lifts after setting a quality standard that is difficult to equal. However, this supremacy is not enough for Ravaglioli, and it is constantly trying to raise the bar a little higher, this time by developing a brand new series of 2-post lifts – the Legend Series.

This series aims to consolidate Ravaglioli’s technological know-how in an elegant and modern outline, projecting towards a future where the workshop will not only boast performance, but design as well.

Ravaglioli has shrouded the project in a veil of mystery that will only be revealed during the Frankfurt tradeshow, raising the expectation of its visitors.
Keywords: up-to-date design, innovative DNA, future proof

Body shop lift – KBI Series

With a view to expanding its commercial proposal, Ravaglioli has designed a new scissor lift ideal for body shops that can be installed in both paint booth grids and preparation areas, and flush-mounted for traditional floors.

Thanks to its unique pad always on feature, the lift is ready-to-use without requiring the operator to perform any other work. The arms have in fact a built-in pad so they can always remain on the lift, even in the rest position.

A wide range of configurations is available to suit every type of bodywork cycle:

  • Pneumo-hydraulic with manual arms – minimal and compact solution.
  • Electro-hydraulic with manual arms – fast lifting without the “shaking” effect.
  • Electro-hydraulic with pneumatic operated arms – faster speed and enhanced ergonomics.
  • Electro-hydraulic with wheel-lifting platforms – easy vehicle positioning feature.
  • ATEX with pneumatic operated arms – anti-explosion configuration.

Keywords: wide load range, quick to use, flexible Installation

Lifting table – KT Series

With the advent of vehicle electrification, workshops increasingly need dedicated solutions to facilitate their operations on this particular type of vehicle. With this in mind, Ravaglioli has developed an entire range of integrated universal lifting tables with load capacities up to 2 t.

Suitable for convenient and safe assembly and disassembly of engines, transmissions, HV batteries and chassis components, they can be also combined with a lift during interventions on those vehicle components that, because of their design, can only be installed/removed from underneath the vehicle.

Keywords: flexibility of use, total safety, great versatility

Product launches – Diagnostics category


In November 2021 Ravaglioli – on behalf of the VSG EMEA Group – signed a technical agreement with TEXA, a global leader in the development and production of multibrand diagnostic tools, with the purpose of integrating their respective skills in new product development with combined technologies.

Ravaglioli is now ready to present the first born from this collaboration – the union of TEXA ADAS with Ravaglioli wheel aligners that takes wheel diagnosis efficiency to the highest level.

The ADAS calibration system is now available on all wheel aligners with PC built by Ravaglioli thanks to an integration via an OBD (NANO) communication module with dedicated TEXA software that allows the car to dialogue with the panel directly on the aligner PC.

In fact, on just one single PC you can first align the vehicle, secondly align the ADAS panel, and finally perform a high-quality step by step full ADAS calibration.
The frame is available in two versions:

  • STDARCCS3 for panels – use of physical panels in place of the monitor. It allows dedicated calibration standard accessories and panels to be used.
  • STDARCCS3/MON with monitor – digital representation of the panels. The monitor displays the panels required for the calibration using a microprocessor. The microprocessor, installed on the structure, synchronises with the dedicated TEXA software and the panel structure itself.

A complete range of calibration targets and accessories are then available for every kind of workshop.

Keywords: great convenience, absolute precision, total safety

Wheel aligner – RAV3D2.0WALL – AllOnWall Series

The RAV3D2.0WALL is the first model of the innovative AllOnWall Series; a line of wheel aligners designed to give you a total freedom and flexibility during operations without the need of a console, data transfer tower or PC.

Everything you need to perform wheel alignment operations is placed on a convenient wall panel and all activities are controlled via a 10” tablet that the operator can carry with him or place on the liftgate during adjustment, thanks to the built-in magnets.

The aligner boasts a well-tested measuring head technology with HD cameras and Real 3D target that is fully wireless with Bluetooth transmission.

The console-panel is available in two versions:

  • Light version that comes with the choice of either 4-point or 3-point clamps.
  • Large version equipped with 3-point clamps.

The aligners are fully compatible with the TEq-Link workshop connectivity system.

Keywords: space-saving design, fully wireless, accurate precision

Product Launch – Wheel service category

Tyre changer – RAV G1250.30

The RAV1250.30 is a new tyre changer equipped with an innovative leverless tool (patented) and advanced automatic functions, which enables fast, precise and effortless work even on tyres with ultra-low profile and RUN-FLAT.

It comes with a complete configuration of the main accessories that makes it particularly suitable for tyre dealers, workshops and dealerships.

Keywords: quick operations, fully equipped, total safety

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