ADAS and wheel alignment

Designed to ensure safety and comfort while driving, the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are increasingly common in the latest generation of vehicles. Cameras, radar, LIDAR and sensors need to be recalibrated when replaced, also when work needs to be carried out involving them, such as: windscreen and bumper replacement, suspensions repair, wheel alignment, tyre change, engine control unit replacement, etc.

ADAS and wheel alignment – the combination that takes wheel diagnosis efficiency to the highest levels.
Thanks to a technological agreement with TEXA, the ADAS calibration system is available on all wheel aligners with PC of the VSG Group. Integration is achieved via an OBD (NANO) communication module with dedicated TEXA software that allows the car to dialogue with the panel directly on the aligner PC.

Extremely practical:

ADAS technology integrates with wheel alignment technology to create a single workstation

Absolute accuracy:

the ADAS system makes use of the highest manufacturing technology and state-of-the-art components

Total safety:

the static and dynamic calibration operations processed by the ADAS system guarantee safety for the driver and for those carrying out diagnoses and calibrations

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