Wheel trolley GR20 | Easy Lift

With automatic adjustment of the height in relation to the load | rated load capacity 180 kg

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The GR20 Wheel Trolley Easy Lift is our brand new invention. It is the most ergonomic variant within our range of Wheel Trolleys.

  • It is an elevated Wheel Trolley, which, with the help of springs, raises and lowers in relation to load — A brilliant feature, when you wish to save yourself for heavy lifting and relieve knees and back.
  • The trolley is intended for 4 wheels and can be used, among other things,
    • to mounting and dismounting wheels.
    • for use on tyre racks
    • as an ergonomically correct transfer to the tyre changing machine.
  • Wheel Trolley Easy Lift can — with just a small investment — improve the work environment considerably when handling tyres.
  • Adjusts height in relation to the load
  • Designed for 4 wheels and may be used for, among others, the mounting/dismounting of wheels
  • Supplied with wheel brakes on 2 casters
  • Improves ergonomics when handling tyres
  • Stackable up to 4 pcs, hereby the 2 lower ones fold together


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Технические характеристики

ХарактеристикиWheel trolley GR20 | Easy LiftWheel trolley GR20 | Easy LiftМонтажные тележки для колёс GR80WSМонтажные тележки для колёс GR80WSКолесный подъёмник c автоматической компенсацией весаКолесный подъёмник c автоматической компенсацией весаКолесный подъёмник StandardКолесный подъёмник Standard
Путь перемещения340мм1440мм466мм466мм
Мин. размер шины135/80R13
Макс. размер шины305/30R26
Высота240 — 580мм1865мм1108мм1108мм

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