Программное обеспечение связи в мастерской TEq-Link

Software to connect equipment in the workshop and monitor its use, manage preventive maintainance, send reports via e-mail and much more.

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Connected workshop 2.O Enhance your Business — TEq-Link … you’re connected!

  • Check in real time the status of the equipment (busy, free, error)
  • Manage job sequence, plan priorities and visualize status
  • Data of tests centalized
  • Consult results of measured vehicles
  • Obtain informations on usage time and planning of preventive maintenance
  • Remote assistance
  • It works on a standard TCP-IP network — For this reason almost any pre-existing workshop network can be used
  • Equipment may be connected by: Ethernet or WiFi
  • TEq-link can be integrated virtually with any existing Dealer Management System
  • An office PC or a server on which to install the TEq-Link web manager is also needed
  • Workflow management: In the TEq-Link you can add a jobs list to each equipment and monitoring the progress
  • Data management and static: Ability to view statistics on average times of use of each workstation and on the number of tests carried out in a given period of time
  • Job booking: Book jobs by licence plate or model (enabling Shoot&go identification of vehicle where available)
  • Automatic reporting: TEq-Link can send automatically the reports by e-mail, to one or more recipientes, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

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