Nitrogen generator

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SNG   3000 l/h

The nitrogen generator SNG requires only compressed air for functioning.
It produces a nitrogen-enriched mixture at low costs and it allows the amortization of the device in a short time (while the cost of nitrogen cylinders is high).

Tyre inflation with a nitrogen-enriched gaseous mixture enables:

  • the reduction of tyre or inner tube overheating and the avoidance of possible blasts
  • the avoidance of oxidation and rust on the rim and of tyre cracks or loss of elasticity
  • improvement of tyre performance, while keeping tyre pressure unchanged  in time, resulting therefore in a reduced consumption of tread and fuel

SNG T  10000 - 12000 l/h

Nitrogen generator for car and truck tyres. The ideal generator for the tyre specialist: the innovative design combines small dimensions with a large production capacity.


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