RAV 298H - 297H

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  • Electro-hyrdraulic operating lifts
  • Equipped with safety valve to prevent overloading and in case of hydraulic pipe fracture
  • Self-controlled lowering speed
  • Mechanical safety latch with automatic engagement and hydraulic release ensuring maximum safety when lift is in parking position
  • Rollers for carriage movement fitted on self-lubricating bearings requiring no maintenance
  • Warning light when the lift is in parking position


Electronic system ensuring synchronization of all columns (PLC programmable controller with self-diagnostic system) should the maximum permitted difference in level be exceeded between the carriages. Safety stop in case of malfunction.
Selection of several operating modes possible on the master control box:

  • Simultaneous operation of all columns
  • Simultaneous operation of one or more pairs of columns
  • Single operation of each column

Electronic device selects automatically the correct main supply phase sequence.
Low voltage controls (24 V) on all columns with dead-man push buttons and safety interlock in case of interference in the activated control.

Technical Data

  RAV 298HRAV 297H
Capacity per columnkg85007500
Required mains
power per column
230v/50 Hz
400v/50 Hz
5,5 kW-16,5 A
Master column weightkg5,5 kW-9,5 A
Slave column weightkg570
Rise time 100”77”
Maximum tyre diametermm1200
Minimum tyre diametermm900
Minimum rim diametermm580


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