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Easy Data

  • Data management and display program in WINDOWS environment
  • Data bank with more that 90.000 vehicle data sheets
  • Customer data bank for recording 20.000 jobs with search by customer name or vehicle plate number


TD 5080WS
TD 5080WD
TD 5060WD

All the characteristic angles of both vehicle axles are controlled by means of four measuring heads with 8 CCD sensors and infra-red transmission (6 CCD sensors on TD 5060WD and 4 on TD 5040WD).

TD5040WD - 4CCD

TD5040WD, with two front measuring heads equipped with 4 infra-red CCD sensors and two rear infra-red transmitters, makes it possible to measure all steering angles, operating first on the rear axle and then on the front one.

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