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Roller brake tester approved for 3.500 kg maximum load vehicles (cars, commercial vehicles, caravans) and 2-3-4 wheel motorvehicles (motorcycle, lightweight 3 and 4-wheeled vehicles, quad) with a motor power of 4,70 Kw to satisfy the most demanding customers.
These units are suitable for testing:

  • Single wheel drag
  • Brake ovality (out-of-roundness) on single wheels and percentage difference
  • Maximum braking force on single wheel, on axle and total
  • Maximum percentage unbalance of braking force
  • Total percentage efficiency of braking system
  • Percentage efficiency of handbrake
  • Braking capacity split between front and rear axle
  • Axle weight (P version only)
  • Pedal pressure device (only with SRT047M)

Banco Prova Velocità Speedometer

Flexible equipment offering a complete service even to those customers with small-sized workshops.
Thanks to the parasitic current brake, the speed tester can offer the maximum test accuracy with the maximum reliability. 

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