Stage ALPI degree course in Ravaglioli

News RAV - Stage ALPI degree course in Ravaglioli


Ravaglioli - Top Ranking Equipment

Some information about the event to be held in Ravaglioli on Thursday, November 24th.

It starts from an invitation received in mid-September last year by President ALPI, to give our support in the final step of the first experimental training course for technical managers for PTI (Periodicat Testing Investigation) meeting the requirements of Roadworthiness Directive 2014/45 / EU.

The invitation was addressed to the most important national industries: Ravaglioli is among those who have joined.

ALPI is accredited by the Ministry of Transport for the organization of these courses, which constitute the final step of a three-year degree in engineering dedicated to Technical Managers for PTI.

In this first course are engaged 10 students; is provided a Stage of over 300 hours, which includes visits to the official Ministry of Transport PTI centers in addition to the above cited visit to most prestigious national manufacturers.

The course will end with the writing of a thesis centered on PTI equipment.

Our contribution as part of the day will be to introduce students to the production company, making touch the products and the realization of the same.

This will be through dedicated presentations, visit manufacturing plants and the final stage of actual use of equipment in Ravaglioli showroom