New RAV800 Series Truck Scissor Lifts

News RAV - New RAV800 Series Truck Scissor Lifts


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We would like to draw your attention to our new RAV800 series truck scissor lifts we recently added to our range of products.

This new type of scissor lifts introduces a new lifting technology to our heavy duty range. The specific Y type geometry of the lifting part of such scissor allows the operator to have a better access underneath the platforms/underbody of the truck.

We can provide you with a wide choice of runways lengths and lifting capacities as shown in the below chart:




Recessed versions are also available (letter I at the end of the above reference numbers).

Additionally to the lift, in case of a recessed version of the lift, we recommend a special kit of platforms which will automatically close the pit while the main scissor lift is going up. This option to the lift will once again ensure complete and safe access under the platforms.




As for all our equipment, one of our main concerns is safety during operation of our machines. This is why, among their safety devices, our new RAV800 truck scissor lifts feature the following:

  • Safety valves in case of overload,
  • Control valves checking the lowering speed of the lift,
  • Encoder systems ensuring the synchronization of the two platforms,
  • Special sensors blocking the lift while going down, should there be an obstacle underneath.

Please note that RAV709N and RAV713N (along with their recessed versions) will be maintained in our production range. All other models/versions of the existing RAV700 series (scissors) are replaced by the new RAV800 series.

You can find additional information regarding our new range of RAV800 truck scissor lifts on RAV 820 825 835

Should you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us.