New LIKTA 2-Posts lifts

News RAV - New LIKTA 2-Posts lifts


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Nuovi sollevatori 2-colonne versione LIKTA

RAV introduces a new version of the successfull range of high capacity 2 post lifts:

KPN250LIKTAelectro-mechanical  - 5,0 ton
KPH370.55LIKTAelectro-hydraulic - 5,5 ton
KPH370.70LIKTAelectro-hydraulic - 7.0 ton

Compared to the exisiting "LIKT" versions having four extra long 3-stage arms,  the new  "LIKTA" versions feature two new  4-stage arms, placed in the front.

These arms grant the  same total lenght of 1800mm as the 3-stage arms, but are shorter when completely closed.

The new arms avoid any contact between the arms and the body of large vehicles having lifting points quite close to each-other lenghtwise, such as  Mercedes E Class or  BMW 5 Series,
This added feature makes these new lifts even more "universal".

The new "LIKTA" lifts are already available for delivery.