New Layout for RAV Wheel Aligners' Printout

News RAV - New Layout for RAV Wheel Aligners' Printout


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We would like to draw your attention to a new interesting feature available on our 3D and CCD wheel aligners, for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
Starting from the latest 4.1.5 software release (available for download from our Technical Support Area on our RAV website), you will be able to have your printout with the layout shown here below:

2016-1-COM---New-Layout-for-RAV-Wheel-Aligners'-Printout_01        2016-1-COM---New-Layout-for-RAV-Wheel-Aligners'-Printout_02

You still can choose to print out results in the standard mode (showing just values). Otherwise you can have a printout with a more simplified graphical layout of the results (in both diagnosis and adjustment modes).
Thanks to the useful visualization of the wheels and the car body, also non-professionals will get an immediate and clear picture of the vehicle’s alignment status.

As previously mentioned, such new feature will be available on wheel aligners for commercial vehicles as well:

2016-1-COM---New-Layout-for-RAV-Wheel-Aligners'-Printout_03        2016-1-COM---New-Layout-for-RAV-Wheel-Aligners'-Printout_04

Last but not least, such printout will also be available when working on Quick Control mode (with passenger cars) and on Fast Check mode (with commercial vehicles):

2016-1-COM---New-Layout-for-RAV-Wheel-Aligners'-Printout_05        2016-1-COM---New-Layout-for-RAV-Wheel-Aligners'-Printout_06