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RAV G7645 with G800A82 leverless kit


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RAV TD8000 Series (ENG)


RAV Aston Martin, Derby UK

References RAV Aston Martin, Derby UK

RAV G3.140RS English


RAV G10360D.17

RAV Aligner for Car - 3D & Quick Control

Bluetooth transmission between measuring heads and control unit.QC2R (Quick Control 2 Reverse) allows to quickly diagnose front axle angles: total toe and camber. After measurement the user will decide whether to carry on with alignment operation and vehicle adjustment. Quick Control is an extremely fast way of measuring main front direct angles, those that are normally verified by car dealers and tyre specialists. Quick Control allows to reduce diagnose time and increase the number of vehicles checked per day.GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY: a second aligner is not required! Quick Control parts can be taken to the alignment bay and used as a full 3D aligner.http://ravaglioli.com/products/aligners/for-car/3d/sta-3dqc/

RAV RT011.4S. (ENG)

RAV RT011.4S. car test laneUK Version

RAV Smontagomme G1200.34 / RAV Tyre changer G1200.34

Self-Locking Plate The central rim locking system, suitable also for reverse rims, consists of a central pin with cone. The effort is minimal thanks to the special plate on which the wheel lays. The plate is floating, therefore offering a self-locking mechanism. A second tool, also made in plastic material, operates from the bottom on the lower bead, lifting it up and dismounting it from the rim. Bead-breaking of both sides is quickly performed. The bead-breaking is performed by means of two electronically controlled rollers: - a laser beam guides the correct positioning of the rollers A sensor automatically activated the bead breaker, which operates in the correct position and not on the rim sideSelf-Locking Plate Il bloccaggio centrale, idoneo anche per ruote rovesce, avviene tramite un perno centrale con cono. Lo sforzo è minimo grazie allo speciale piattello di appoggio ruota, di tipo flottante con effetto auto-bloccante. Un secondo utensile sintetico interviene dal basso sul secondo tallone, lo solleva e lo smonta dal cerchio. Lato superiore e inferiore vengono stallonati da due rulli opposti in rapida successione. Lo stallonamento viene fatto tramite due rulli con controllo elettronico: - un raggio laser indica il corretto posizionamento dei rulli Un sensore attiva automaticamente lo stallonamento, che agisce in posizione corretta e non sul fianco del pneumatico.http://ravaglioli.com/it/products/tyre-changers/car-van/leverless/g-1200-34/

RAV G3.128R

Electronic wheel balancers with microprocessor

RAV RT011.4S. (IT)

Linee Diagnosi Auto versione italiana

RAV Bike Test Lane


G1041AX BMWThe exclusive synthetic mounting head of G1041 can run closer to the rim than any steel head, reducing stress on beads on low profile tyres. The innovative tulip clamping system allows perfect inner and outer clamping. The ergonomic position of the wheel is granted by a spring loaded centering device that allows to work at the desired height.Der Kunstoffmontagekopf von G1041 kann im Vergleich zu jedem Metallmontagekopf so nahe wie möglich am Felgenrand arbeiten und reduziert somit den Stress auf den Wulst von Niederquerschnittsreifen. Die exklusive tulpenförmige Spannvorrichtung garantiert eine perfekte Spannung sowohl innen als auch aussen. Die ergonomische Radpositionierung ermöglicht die erwünschte Arbeitshöhe einzustellen.


G1160 30 SWIFT Leverless Tyre Changer