New Mobile Truck Wheel Balancer GT2.MOVI

News RAV - New Mobile Truck Wheel Balancer GT2.MOVI


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It is a pleasure to introduce you our new mobile truck wheel balancer GT2.MOVI.
This machine is the answer to anyone who needs to implement an efficient roadside service and is suitable for both heavy and light vehicles.
GT2.MOVI is electrical, single phase 24V-110V-220V (optional 12V) and customer can enjoy all static, dynamic and light alloy programs.
Thanks to its very little space requirement and the good price/performance ratio, it is the best choice for professional mobile truck service, featuring high and precise measurement accuracy. Incorporated lifting system, brake lever with quick release are just a few of its characteristics.
Suitable for up to 30” rim diameter, 22” rim width, 52” maximum wheel diameter, GT2.MOVI is also extra light: only 115 Kg. total weight (without accessories).




It can be used in closed vans, trailers or even inside workshops with low volumes (for high volume shops, please refer to our standard range). Hope you will enjoy this new RAV product.