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Equipped with an innovative (patented) leverless head and advanced automatic functions, it lets you work quickly, precisely and without any effort also on UHP and Run-Flat tyres.
The configuration is already complete with all the major accessories, making it particularly suitable for tyre shops and car dealers.



Memory button with automatic head repositioning on rim edge that allows a new disassembly and assembly process to be rapidly resumed.


The centre post locking with floating plate (patented), suitable also for reverse rims, offers a self-locking mechanism that reduces the effort of the operator


Sensor with automatic disc indent function activation for precise and risk-free tyre bead breaking.

Double bead breaking discs system. The tyre bead is broken quickly and safely by two opposite synchronised discs.

Electromechanical actuator that controls the synchronous movement of all three operating arms with a chain synchronisation system.

Compartments for stowing accessories, valves and tools.

Quick-clamping lock for rims.

Laser pointer that indicates proper head positioning.




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