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The central rim locking system, suitable also for reverse rims, consists of a central pin with cone.
The effort is minimal thanks to the special plate on which the wheel lays. The plate is floating, therefore offering a self-locking mechanism.

The bead-breaking is performed by means of two rollers:
-  synchronized movement of tools
- bead-breaking of both sides is quickly performed

Version with patented TOP inflation device

Powerful and safe inflation:

  • one hand operation
  • downward inflation flow, granting utmost safety
  • the draw back effect is reduced, thanks to patented system
  • a special safety device prevents accidental use against other people or objects


The electrical motor is equipped with an exclusive and innovative inverter, which:

  • allows to regulate the chucking table rotation speed by pressing the pedal
  • slows down the rotation speed as the stress on the bead increases (to avoid any damage to the tyre)

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