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The bead-breaking is performed by means of two rollers with a synchronized movement. The bead-breaking of both sides is quickly performed.

The tool enters between bead and rim.
Levering on the rim, the tool pulls up the bead, minimising the stress.
The bead is progressively pulled up.

0-15 Invemotor RPM Variable Speed

The electrical motor is equipped with an exclusive and innovative inverter, which:

  • allows to regulate the chucking table rotation speed by pressing the pedal
  • slows down the rotation speed as the stress on the bead increases (to avoid any damage to the tyre)

Self-Locking Plate

The central rim locking system, suitable also for reverse rims, consists of a central pin with cone.
The effort is minimal thanks to the special plate on which the wheel lays. The plate is floating, therefore offering a self-locking mechanism.

Technical Data

Handles wheels from

10”-26” / 12”-28” / 14”-30”


300 kg (318 kg IT)

Max wheel width


Max wheel diam.


Bead break.pow.(each arm)

1200 kg

Max torque

120 Kgm

Bead breaker mouvement


Rotation Motor

1,5 Kw invemotor

+0,75 Kw motor

Recommended air supply

8 -10 bar

Power Supply

1ph, 200/265v, 50/60Hz

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