Legend Series - KPX models

Ravaglioli - Legend Series - KPX models

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Emerging from the best-selling 2-post lifts, the Legend Series consolidates the engineering knowledge of Ravaglioli and shapes it into an innovative package. Looking towards the future while always honouring the past, Ravaglioli has set an important goal for itself - let the performance meet the design.

Up-to-date design:

a modern outline that brings modernity and usability to the workshop

Innovative DNA:

long-standing high-quality components and tested for 20000 cycles

Future proof:

lifts designed for the TEq-Link workshop connectivity system


Minimum routine maintenance

The operating parts require little time for easy replacement or maintenance reducing the risk of error on safety elements.

Guaranteed safety and quality over the time

The lift is equipped with premium components that guarantee durability and maximum safety for the operator.


Smart and flexible installation

Up to 20% improvement in installation time. The electronic synchronization avoids the installation and adjustment of the realignment cable. The lifts can be installed in a flexible way thanks to three width-adjustable positions.

Quick and easy operations

The working bay is free of obstacles and the operations can be performed safely and comfortably.



The geometry of the arms has been designed to lift from micro-cars to long wheel base sedan. 3.2 ton





The geometry of the arms has been designed to lift from micro-cars to long wheel base medium vans. 3.5 ton



Thanks to the asymmetric design of the columns, the loading areas of the arms overlap, granting great flexibility and time saving when picking up the vehicle.

Quick car positioning
The operator has at his disposal a wide loading area, without the necessity of pushing and pulling the vehicle to find the right lifting position.



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