RAV 4503OF - 4504OF - 4506OF OPEN FRONT

Ravaglioli - RAV 4503OF - 4504OF - 4506OF OPEN FRONT

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  • Open Front - Full access to the working area
  • Low-friction rear slip plates. They can be manually locked in the central position.Transverse and angular movements in both directions
  • Platforms with turning plates locations


RAV4506OF / 5000 kg - 5700 mm

Wheel alignment versions - Extra-long platforms for total wheel alignment with front turning plates locations and rear slip plates.

RAV4503OF / 5000 kg - 5700 mm

Lifts with flat platforms The 5700 mm long platforms and the large inner distance between posts allow optimum lifting of light commercial vehicles and long-wheelbase vans.

RAV4504OF / 5000 kg - 5700 mm

Wheel alignment version - Lift with flat runways, with front recess for turntables and rear sliding plates mounted over the platform.

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