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Bluetooth transmission between measuring heads and control unit.

  • Easy Vehicle Selection
  • Animated Instructions
  • 30° Run Out Compensation
  • Megapixel High Resolution Cameras - The base of the sensor can be translated outward by 65 mm in case of extra large vehicles
  • Easy Data - Data management and display program in WINDOWS environment. Data bank with more than 90.000 vehicle data sheets. Customer data bank for recording 20.000 jobs
  • Easy Alignment
  • 3DT® Target - extremely light, no electronic components inside, no maintenance required
  • Lift Level Compensation - Can be used on any 4 post or scissors lift. Automatic lift level compensation


TD3000 - TD3000.B

Exclusive aligner with 3D targets.
Equipped with 2 space saver sensors and 4 high resistance plastic targets to detect all vehicle angles in just few seconds.
Semiautomatic sensors (patent pending) with fixed cameras.
Targets mounted on 4 point clamps.

TD3000S - TD3000S.B

Equipped with tire grabbing 4 point clamps to avoid run out compensation.

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