Quality System

If type-approvals represent the official recognition of the most accredited and stringent organisations entrusted with monitoring the conformity of products to safety standards, UNI EN ISO 9001 certification attests to Rav SpA's commitment to Quality.

The company has developed its own Quality System to try and define a quality standard for its products and services, but also and above all to consolidate and upgrade standards over time.

The "mission" of Rav SpA, defined by Company Management in the "Quality Policy" document, does in fact envisage that Company activities be centred on Customer satisfaction through the supply of safe and reliable products able to meet the very latest needs of operators and Customers.

The pages in this section show the ISO 9001 certificates and the process/product qualifications achieved and maintained as part of Rav SpA Quality System implementation.

This is the certificate attesting the conformity of Rav SpA to Uni En Iso 9001 standards with respect to the design, production, sales and marketing of equipment.

It also certifies the conformity of all services provided by Rav: technical assistance for vehicle lifting equipment, tyre servicing, testing, etc.