New lifts approved by Mercedes

News RAV - New lifts approved by Mercedes


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We thank Ravaglioli Deutschland team, supported by RAV engineering department, for obtaining the Mercedes approval for 6 new Ravaglioli lifts, in special MB configuration:

KPN345WEKMB electromechanical 2 post lift, 3,7T capacity
KPN250LIKTAMB electromechanical 2 post lift, 5,0T capacity

KPH370.42KMB electrohydrauilc 2 post lift 4,0T capacity
KPH370.65LIKTAMB electrohydraulic 2 post lift 6,5T capacity

RAV1110NKBM inground cylinders lift 3,5T capacity
RAV1150UMB inground cylinders lift 5,0T capacity

Find out more by exploring the "manufacturer approvals" section in or ask your Area Manager for the single brochures.

More products are being evaluated.